Our food is all handmade and prepared on location

Upcoming Events

We are approaching the four month mark of offering all of our wonderful Italian specialties at Wooster's Local Roots Market on Walnut Street in downtown Wooster. And we want to thank you for your continued patronage! We know it "isn't the same" as coming in and ordering off the menu and we miss you all terribly, but.....
We are so happy to be able to continue making our traditional Italian cuisine available to everyone!!!

So…be sure to stop in and try our products in your own kitchen. If you have a special request or a specific order please call our phone number and leave a message. Our recording gives a sampling of what is available at Local Roots. For your special orders please wait for the beep and leave your message and we will get back to you.

For our Ashland and Mansfield friends, our products are also on the shelves at the Ashland Local Roots which will be reopening soon in their new location.

September 30th 2014
Well, we are down to the last three days of moving our equipment out of 117 West Liberty Street. Quite a lot of our items were sold last night online through a liquidation auction site and all those buyers will be moving items out tomorrow.

Have we found the perfect spot for El Rancho Grande Italian Restaurant? No, not yet. BUT…until we do we are making preparations to use the commercial kitchen at “Local Roots” to make, package and sell our Pasta, Pizza, Sauces, Soups, Desserts and Confections so that you can enjoy them at home! We plan to have out items on their cooler and freezer shelves by the middle of November in time for all your family Holiday get-togethers and entertaining. So check our web site and Facebook page as well as those of “Local Roots” often.

Yearly Tasting at the Winery
Although a little later than usual, we will be enjoying our annual Wine Tasting at Firelands Winery on Sunday, October 19th at 1pm. Because of this year’s circumstances, we are going to do something a bit different. We will all be transporting ourselves and bringing along a covered dish! Fran will bring enough of the main course for everyone who CONFIRMS a reservation and guests will be asked to bring a side dish. Since this event is only 19 days away we ask that you confirm your reservation by the end of next week, October 10th. The cost to you aside from the dish you bring to share, will be the cost of the wine we enjoy! Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

It’s hard to believe that we have been at this location for eight years now. Although every one of those years has had its challenges for us and our customers, we have enjoyed being in the heart of our beautiful and historic city center.

We are now faced with yet another huge and long lasting challenge. As many of you know our landlords are the county commissioners. And you may also know that for a very, very long time the commissioners (current and former) have been faced with repair and renovation of this courthouse complex.

Last year the county administrator informed us that these repairs and renovations were imminent but would not affect our space because all the repairs to our part of the building had been completed after the Freedlander building was removed and the Merchants Block building was erected.

Last month the county administrator came to us and informed us that the first phase of the work on the complex would begin this October with the abatement of the water situation in the foundation/basement of the complex buildings. Unfortunately that would require obstructed access to our front and back entrances. And the work would more than likely take at least one year.

We had the choice of renewing our lease at a higher rate or finding a new location, ceasing operation of our business by the end of August and removing our equipment by the end of September. Add to this the ongoing parking problems and a few other issues on this end of Liberty Street, there was no other realistic choice.

We are very sorry to say that our last day of business at this location will be Sunday, August 31st. We are actively searching for a new location although it is extremely unlikely we will find one before the first of the year.

We will not be able to store all of our equipment (small and large) and will offer some items up for sale during the month of September.

As we use up our supplies we will be removing items from our menu so please understand if we do not replenish items.
Fun Stuff!
Wooster’s last Cruise-In and Concert for this summer is this Friday night August 15th. Be sure to come see all the great cars and listen to some fabulous music. Be sure to check out the alternative fuel vehicles on Liberty Street in front of the library! Enjoy our special menu tonight!

AND… Enjoy a total weekend of fun and check out the Orrville Lions Club Rib Fest and Cruise-In Friday and Saturday! Good food, great entertainment you won’t believe and cars, cars, cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monthly Wine Tasting Dinner

Our last wine tasting dinner for quite awhile will be Sunday, August 24th from 1 to 3pm in our dining room. Since we won’t be set up to do our holiday wine tasting this year we have decided to step this month’s event up to high gear. There will be multiple courses and many wonderful wines to enjoy along with all of our fabulous guides, John Bee of John Bee Famiglia Wines, Kathleen Smith from Wine Trends, Mark Moysi from Heidelberg Distributing and Melissa Kadow of Firelands & Specialty Wines of Sandusky Ohio.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED - no limited seating this month, however - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

We will do our “Tasting at the Winery” in October so if you are interested in joining us for this event be sure to let us know in order to forward all the information for that event to your “in” box!

TKS Classes
Fran will still be scheduling cooking classes with Cheryl and Rick at Today’s Kitchen Store throughout the year so check their class schedule and you will find us there!
AND.. there may be a few seats left for this Sunday, August 17th “Summer Sauces” class from 1:30 to 3 so give them a call at TKS and register today

Last but not least, please use your valid coupons and gift certificates before August 31st.

We will be keeping in touch with occasional newsletters so please keep us in your address book, check in on our Facebook page and log in to our web site for news and updates.

Grazie, mille grazie per tutti di suoi fedelta


What's Special this month from El Rancho Grande?
This weekend downtown Wooster will be all about the Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! And because chocolate is so very very Italian we will have our Torta Cioccolato ready to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth at Local Roots on South Walnut Street in downtown Wooster this Friday and Saturday February 6th and 7th!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our house Italian Salad Dressing will be available on the shelves at Local Roots Wooster beginning this weekend so be one of the first to grab a bottle and enjoy that great taste at home.


In the year 1945, as World War II was winding down, John and Antonietta Grande purchased a restaurant from John’s employer, Mr. Crowley. The restaurant came with some land and a house.